Journey III: South-East-Asia

December 2013 – January 2014: Living the dream in South-East-Asia. Out of the awesome people I met at my university in Shanghai, Chris (American) and Danric (Filipino) were among the freaking best and we were headed to Cambodia, Vietnam, and The Philippines with plans for more. Our MBA program was paused for two weeks and […]

Journey II: China

August 2013 – May 2014: China. It had been a little while since my great time abroad in Australia. Of course, I realized interesting trips to other cultures since then, but I will write about them later. Today let me continue about my next big adventure: Studying my MBA degree in Shanghai, China. I figured […]

Top 5 Reasons why an International Lifestyle accelerates you

1) Your thinking is less tied to your home country 2) You get to know people from other countries and may fall in love 3) You learn from other nationalities and their challenges 4) You explore lots of different cultures and feel personal growth 5) English will no longer be a foreign language   Best, […]