The most impressive way to get a good idea of what Europe looks like and should feel alike, is a trip to discover Brussels in Belgium. Home to the European Parliament and an impressively great diverse population, the city is a wonderful hub for your next vacation in Europe. I get that a lot of people and especially Americans love to see Paris and the crazy ways of Amsterdam or the alternative culture of Berlin when thinking of Europe. But somehow, Brussels offers an interesting mixture of that all plus the best French Fries, …well Belgian Fries that is and of course their famous waffels. No way to write around that – whats good is good, right? A unique feature is that you can bring your own/ street-purchased fries into pretty much all cafes and bars in town which underlines the unique culture around here.

IMAG4482IMAG4463La Gran Place – The Atomium – Männeken Piss. So far for the must have seens to tell your family and friends and to satisfy all touristy needs. I can say the Atomium is far bigger than expected, but the Männeken Piss is really a small thing (haha) and actually the awesome graffiti one block up on the right side is rather worth the picture. But there, you will notbe surrounded by cute Chinese girls in their panic for the best selfie with a small “European” 😉

Brussels night life is pretty intense. I leave it with that and recommend exploring..!

IMAG4475The city is in fact not as big as it feels in terms of the people you can meet here. Politics is all around, but there is enough other stuff to explore and enjoy so that the package of Brussels with all its food, nightlife, diverse culture and crazy heads vs Politicians allows for some sweet European impression.

Have fun there! IMAG4479

IMAG4477  IMAG4472 IMAG4471




Männken Peace, Brussels, Belgium

IMAG4470 Männken Peace, Brussels, Belgium


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