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Welcome. To. Global Lifestyle. Global Thinking. Your resource: Sirk.de.
My name is my URL, my belief is one global world, one global playground, one global economy.

Thank you for your interest. Your feedback. Your story. Feel free to leave a comment. And Enjoy!
All pictures in my Blog are taken by me – mostly using my phone (HTC or Motorola 5G Plus).

My favorite statement regarding my personality: “You’re a fake German” – heard by an Australian, a Cambodian, a Hongkongnese, a Malaysian, and a Venezuelan. I would be too outgoing, entertaining, and non-stereotype 😉 Thanks, guys..!

∇ The pushpins: green means I lived there, worked or studied, while red stands for non-holiday trips or journeys. I do note award a red pushpin for every journey or trip, though.

Remember RAY COKES, ex MTV Europe legend? He is now hosting an Internet Late Night Talk
now that featured me in his show in March 2022.
Have a look here from Minute 43 (currently privately archived by Ray).

I hope that people (that means you, me, all the others) understand we share one globe. Someone is always awake, someone sleeps, one is on time, one is late, one has darkness, but there is always not only one who enjoys the sunlight. Sunlight is there; also in the heart of people. Share openness. Be some respected contact or friend.

Info & Contact: Sirk is a global MBA from Germany and a unique entertaining communication guy. He is living an international lifestyle of prospering with true global thinking and networking. He is an expert not only in Thinking Global, but also in CRM, Proposal & Project Management, Presenting, and Entertaining Sales. If you want to contact him, please use:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sirk-kuehn/

or:   sirk.kuehn  (aahhhdd)  gmail.com

Intro-Vid on YouTube

Great article: “Three Reasons Traveling Abroad Can Help Your Career”  –  The Times

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