Fall trip: A,B,C..?!? Nah, A,B,M: Atlanta, Berlin, Miami

Hi there, Having to admit, that I am a bit overdue with a total new destination in my blog, is really not easy. Yet, I will first report from my fall trip this year in October which brought me actually first to Berlin, Germany, then for a stop-over to Atlanta, Georgia and then back to […]

Summer trip: Tenerife 2022 & The Canary Islands since 2005

Hello, my summer trip of 2022 has brought me to the Spanish territory of the Canary Island of Tenerife, one of now officially eight (8) Canary Islands located west of Africa about the latitude of Sub-Sahara or very southern Morocco. Tenerife is a destination everyone should have on the list at least once in this […]

Journey XII: Mexico

Hi there, with the advent of fall in Germany came my usual craving for sun and a getaway before returning to the cold in Germany. The journey this time brought me to Mexico, the Ciudad de Mexico CDMX to be exact, combined with a domestic flight to Cancun and the ferry to the Isla de […]

A Trip to a Galaxy far far away: STAR WARS LAND

** A BLOG SPECIAL ** Jump to Light Speed, this is STAR WARS Land as part of Disneyland in Anaheim, CA, USA My blog is tagged with “Global Thinking, Global Lifestyle“. The blog might use to limit destinations and thoughts to our wonderful planet earth. Yet, global thinking means incorporating different lifestyles and cultures. Cultures […]

The Trip to the Epicenter!? New York in May 2021

Hey there, not much of a blog entry this time, too many thoughts still swirling around. But here are some pics from some days in New York with a slight focus on Brooklyn and some of the BronxBrewery plus updates on Manhattan. Covid19 has set its traces, but the city is going on, what else […]

The Pandemic Journey XI: Los Angeles, CA + NV + AZ, USA

Howdy readers, UPDATE for 2021 below ** Just returned from a short journey to the West of the US, right in these ongoing pandemic times. No pandemic can stop us global thinkers, can stop a truly global lifestyle. I flew into Los Angeles, road-tripping my way to Nevada for Las Vegas followed by a day-trip […]

Planes are friends – The Global Citizen

Planes are Friends. As they connect us with the Global World, our friends and good contacts with possible new friends abroad. I believe that once you realize that distance is just a matter of time and time depends on the distance that needs to be covered, you begin to manifest true global thinking. Indeed, I […]

Trip: an escape from fall to the Algarve, Portugal

Hi there, Portugal, the Algarve..! It is the sunny south to south-west of Portugal that my last trip has led me to. A place where Europeans and some American meet and enjoy the local culture and cuisine. Thrilling landscapes and a multilingual experience found somewhere in between mass-tourism concepts and fine local to individual adventures. […]