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Having to admit, that I am a bit overdue with a total new destination in my blog, is really not easy. Yet, I will first report from my fall trip this year in October which brought me actually first to Berlin, Germany, then for a stop-over to Atlanta, Georgia and then back to see my buddy and his girlfriend again in Miami, Florida. For the due totally new destination all I can say is stay tuned in early 2023..! Things have been booked.

This A,B,M fall trip for 2022 brought me to three big and globally known cities. So, (s)he who thinks global will be interested in feeling and vibing in these cities. What happens when we travel from one big city to another and yet another which are all not our home cities? How did it feel for me, first time Atlanta, second time Berlin, third time Miami?

Got my brain cells working thinking about what happens with new intakes and such different vibes that are soaked in over the period of just three weeks? How does that enrich or ruin oneself? It might surely end up being exhaustive and strange, but as a Global Thinker it does also stimulate the crazy brain and soul and allows for this A/B/M-comparison.


The German capital is well-known for its open-minded alternative outlook, political focus coming from a clear left to green wing and also how dirty it is and what a whopping cultural experience it delivers. Varieties on almost everything, contrast and its history which is to be felt across the city. I love it for a trip, could not live in it, though. Berlin seems outrage, never calming purely down. Still it as amazing how an escape to nature like Wannsee or many parks does the trick to partly slow one down. In the end, it is Germany’s most global city and allows for cultural corners hard to be found elsewhere. Berlin is not as big in population as other global cities, yet it is super widely spread and it is a good idea to plan your day and night on where you are headed. Accompnyied the Bass gegen Hass demonstration for a bit which translates to Bass vs. Hate(speech). As said, the city is a political epicenter and further still affordable compared to the following US-cities.


The big, wide-spread industrial hub with that massive airport. An old airport which’s operation seemed not fully in control when it comes to ground staff when I arrived, sadly. But let’s not get on this. Atlanta seemed to me like the capital of…Afro-American culture? That right to say? Already in the plane on arrival I saw many people from solid, to cute, to sad and questionable backgrounds. But what is a first impression here? Everyone’s is hustling, trying to make a living somehow. Yep, not surprising and kind of the American Standard. Still, I could feel that this part of Georgia is more vibrant and slightly aggressive than other parts of the State like Savannah, an earlier journey this year. Atlanta owns a big piece of American history and it is worth checking out the Atlanta History Center for sure. The city has a pretty decent vibe, still I felt rushed in this city and to me it appeared that most people are stressed out somehow. But I have to admit it was a short stop-over visit from my side this time. As Atlanta is such a wide-spread city it is hard to suggest anything in particular, I thought the COKE museum is a cool US-thing, yet at night time it surely depends where you go. That and especially how widely spread the different parts of town are is parallel to Berlin, actually.


Once labelled my main bog entry for this town with the “Heat of Miami”. The city that does never truly disappoint. From wonderful food or dining experiences to the beach, Miami Beach. From being the Latin Capital to living American big. This is the city to be in. In case you’re ideally loaded. Or you walk around a bit like I did – it is possible! HAHA, in the Design district or in some of the many excellent museums like the PAM or Blue.

A get-away to Key Biscayne developed to a great highlight of this fall trip as I could see what hurricane IRMA did to that key and amazingly what kind of sea-life had been washed onto shore. I love my slightly arranged photo by the beach. It was cloudy most days this time in Miami, yet humidity covered me well.
Back in the city we headed to the Int. Miami Car Show and great dining and night life spots here and there. Also, this time I was brought to Calle Ocho, which many know from Pitbull and as the super-Cuban to Latin part of town. Here you can really have a walk right and left and enjoy the superb culture to eat, drink, dance and vibe. A curiosity, one of the very finest Asian, well fantastic and authentic Thai food restaurants is found right there and delivers an exceptional experience and both feel and definitely taste: Lung Ya. I wish that I could eat there now, wow what exceptional taste at an even affordable price, always love that 🙂

At the IMPROV Comedy Theater in Doral, part of Maimi, we saw the roast master general Jeff Ross, which was a truly fabolous show! Miami itself yet is the show, day in and out, dusk till dawn as you expected. The picture atop of Improv with the legendary Lamborghini Countach was taken at Cars & Guitars, a great shop concept worth checking out during your stay in Miami. As per recommendation for every global city, explore the corners at least in between the touristy stuff.


So what is my result? Well, this is not math for once, dear readers. You knew already that the US is my love. Yet, I know I could never life in either Atlanta or Berlin. What I needed was the new intake on my brain as mentioned above and which was cool. But the heat of Miami nourished me again and let me fly my American dream for a good number of days. Even though it was a bit colder than last time and certainly way more expensive now here as well. Thanks New Yorkers coming down 😉 and thanks…inflation; bah! Anyway, get your butt out there on a plane and experience the world, travel, think global and prosper with a global lifestyle. To me, the only real and necessary luxury!

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