my summer trip of 2022 has brought me to the Spanish territory of the Canary Island of Tenerife, one of now officially eight (8) Canary Islands located west of Africa about the latitude of Sub-Sahara or very southern Morocco.

Tenerife is a destination everyone should have on the list at least once in this lifetime. Why? It combines great elements of basically all other Canary Islands. Years ago, way before starting this blog page, I had enjoyed trips to Lanzarote – the volcanic island, Fuerteventura – the Beach & Surf getaway, and Gran Canaria – the big one with dunes & more. Tenerife is both a touristic and natural getaway and is welcoming tourists from mainly Europe, but also more and more from the rest of the world.

Why do the Canary Islands never fail to amaze so many people incl. me? The islands catch most people’s attention with all their offerings from touristy things to nature’s greatest features mentioned above and shown in the many pictures below. The pictures do go back in time the more you scroll down, actually. These islands welcome tourists from all over Europe and the US and now as well China and soon India. The islands are rather close to each other, yet so different. There are local ferry lines that take 45-120 minutes to the next island or take the local airline. Different like all these touristy people coming over and especially those who once came as a tourist but stayed to make a sunny living here. A life in the permanent spring of Tenerife, the never-ending surfing summer of Fuerteventura (La Pared being my favorite surf spot there), the constant exploration of volcanic stones & landscapes on Lanzarote, or the dunes and the remix of it all on Gran Canaria.

The Canaries can be your party destination and/ or exploration of nature’s greatest ways to challenge you. Or calm you, like La Gomera could do whilst walking around it. You can always enjoy a mountain or the coast, always and every day on the very same day; wonderful. And whilst cruising, (mountain) biking, walking from one to the other, you will meet so many interesting people that can (or might not) enrich your day.

The clear highlight of Tenerife is the almost guaranteeable chance to have a bike ride OR a wonderful sunset abovethe clouds. Yes, the mountain of El Teide, as highest point on Spanish territory, allows you to stay above the clouds whilst it might stay cloudy by the beaches. So mountain biking above the clouds and for sunset an incredible view that I shared as title picture above. Speaking of mountain biking, if you feel a need for speed on Tenerife, check out my friends and the guiedes from: Lava Trax.

=> Check it out, explore, go wild, follow activities on water and land, eat well, laugh often. Have fun!

PS: the pictures of Lanzarote date back to the early to mid-2000s and Fuerteventura as well as Gran Canaria from the late to very late 2000s. I had developed the Lanzarote pics and just scanned them back into the digital world. The Canary Islands have helped me – alongside New York City – to develop my travel passion and curiosity for exploring the world and growing with it. Also, I have mountain biked on all islands I have visited so far, of course 😉

Best, Sirk

Pictures from Tenerife:

Pictures from Gran Canaria:

Pictures from Fuerteventura:

Pictures from Lanzarote:

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