Planes are friends – The Global Citizen

Planes are Friends. As they connect us with the Global World, our friends and good contacts with possible new friends abroad. I believe that once you realize that distance is just a matter of time and time depends on the distance that needs to be covered, you begin to manifest true global thinking. Indeed, I […]

Trip: an escape from fall to the Algarve, Portugal

Hi there, Portugal, the Algarve..! It is the sunny south to south-west of Portugal that my last trip has led me to. A place where Europeans and some American meet and enjoy the local culture and cuisine. Thrilling landscapes and a multilingual experience found somewhere in between mass-tourism concepts and fine local to individual adventures. […]

6 beginnings to grasp your own global mind-set

How you can begin to grasp your own global mind-set (thoughts after a spring ’19 visit of NYC) A trip from Europe to New York City (e.g.) no longer is that big thing which you feel you need to plan well ahead. It has become a weekend getaway destination and can spontaneously be realized, just […]

Journey X: Miami, FL, USA, the heat

The heat of Miami. Day and Night. It is the word ‘heat’ which I will always use to refer to that fantastic city in Florida, US. The heat is on, all night on the beach till the break of dawn and of course during the course of the day. Will Smith dedicated a nice song […]

Trip: Mountain Biking in northern Italy, September 2018

Hi there, my favorite sport has to be mountain biking. Since 25 years I am riding full suspension bikes and this special blog entry is about riding fantastic, thrilling and  crazy trails in the region of Vinschgau and the nearby Garda lake (Lago di Garda). Northern Italy comes with what you expect, great wines and […]

Trip: a winter escape to Bali, Indonesia

Hi there, the island of Bali, Indonesia was my destination in December 2017 for a winter getaway and to meet a Hultian as always of course. Bali is basically on the equator and thus always very warm to hot and the sun is ready to burn your skin at any given time. Still, it is […]

Journey IX: New York – New Haven – Orlando

From late October to mid of November 2017 it was about time to explore the Eastcoast of the US again. It has been 8y since my last visit to the big apple, the excitement for the city of insomnia was big. And it did not disappoint – adventures, food, talks, impressions. A full load for […]

Journey VIII: Detroit, Michigan, USA

The worldwide headquarters of my current employer can be found in Detroit, Michigan, USA. As I work remotely thanks to the net nowadays, I am balancing my Europe and US presence. I know that many people think of Detroit like “that city is done”, “there is not much left” and “winter is endless”.Well, I assume […]

Journey VII: Malaysia & Singapore

Kicking-off 2017 in style with refreshing and improvable aspects from Malaysia and Singapore! After Christmas and until mid of January this year I was investigating the country of Malaysia and added a trip for additional networking to Singapore. Malaysia still is a second-world country outside Kuala Lumpur, but develops well and Asian-fast. I was mind-blown […]