How you can begin to grasp your own global mind-set (thoughts after a spring ’19 visit of NYC)

  1. A trip from Europe to New York City (e.g.) no longer is that big thing which you feel you need to plan well ahead. It has become a weekend getaway destination and can spontaneously be realized, just like seeing your friends nearby, you can say hello abroad, too. Because you can and because you enjoy that global flexibility, no matter the time as you just did it.
  2. You realized that within 24 little hours you can nowadays reach any point on this beautiful planet. The world is our global playing field. Please do play the world, not with it, though.
  3. Global is more fun. Because it is about to explore, to discover, or to win with more opportunity. To laugh with more people from all over the world is an excellent chance everyone should take. => The smile comes with true ubiquity; it is a beautiful global reaction and emotion. It does not require more of a same language 😉
  4. You adapted your thinking to reflect not only from your personal position and regional preposition, but more likely you begin to reflect again globally: from an American and/ or European and/ or African and/ or Asian and/ or Australian point of view. You learned from different approaches and positions from your friends and colleagues all over the world and are enabled to ask for their input on a specific matter. You compare, rethink, use, redo.
  5. Your hometown is just a location. It is no longer the hub of your universe. You can refuel there and take care of day-to-day business. And so by now you need to do in other global locations as well. You feel the desire to refuel abroad. You request a certain exposure to different locations, airports, ships, people, new cultures or other known cultural aspects. Just so that you will feel alive and know that you are not trapped to a home town but can make any location your new home in this world.
  6. Working abroad becomes part of your portfolio, your routine. You are well aware of risk and chances, you did it before and you can do it again. Elsewhere, everywhere: what a great chance to prosper personally and globally. You like it. What’s your plan?
    Oh, and it is NEVER TOO LATE to resharpen your thinking or even start again. Believe in your own strengths, both on a global and local level.

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