Planes are Friends.

As they connect us with the Global World, our friends and good contacts with possible new friends abroad. I believe that once you realize that distance is just a matter of time and time depends on the distance that needs to be covered, you begin to manifest true global thinking.
Indeed, I have found myself again, and again, on other sides or so-called “ends” of the world. After numerous sunsets and always again sunrises above the clouds. Gosh: sunrises, gotta love our planet for every single turn making those sunrises possible on a daily basis. The beauty of a sunrise in the air, the beauty of the clouds from above, reminded me once again that life indeed is beautiful..! It is the light needed to cover the dark I went through last year, but yeah, in the end, the light returned. In the form of a sunrise, somewhere over the North Atlantic this time. After several days of refueling and enriching experiences in my second home: San Francisco, CA: The Soul of the World (quote me on that if you like).

As a global citizen, all I definitely want to make clear is that connection with friends and contacts is everything. Social Media and communication apps do help with that, as do planes. Planes – machines, well material friends connecting us with the world in person. In person after a number of hours no matter where you desire to end the journey.

All it takes are:

  • courage,
  • a visa,
  • a bit of money,
  • and some time.

Please free up time for it, find time to find yourself, allow yourself to connect with the world. Find your global level above the clouds or maybe even on the ground somewhere. But never let anything limit your inner desire to travel and explore, to make friends abroad, to not “be plugged into the world”, as my global business school HULT used as their slogan during my MBA years. Global is the only way to me, for me. Maybe also for you!? I freaking recommend it 🙂

I am a Global Citizen. I am a frequent flyer, global thinker, people connector, a source for global thinking and coaching.
Twenty-Twenty has started, it offers plenty of plane connections and much more potential to prosper out there in this world. Our global world. Once you free yourself from thinking limited to your home zone, your region and country of so-called origin, you step into the world of global thinking and can achieve a global lifestyle. Your global lifestyle. The global lifestyle does not necessarily mean to live it up in a posh way and jet-set. Rather set oneself out there tied to that level above the clouds, above country borders, with those friends called planes.

Let me know how you feel about it and what the global scale empowers you to do. Best of luck accomplishing whatever you want and wherever you want.

The brave will win. -Sirk

The VIDEO for this topic can be found HERE or on YouTube

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