Planes are friends – The Global Citizen

Planes are Friends. As they connect us with the Global World, our friends and good contacts with possible new friends abroad. I believe that once you realize that distance is just a matter of time and time depends on the distance that needs to be covered, you begin to manifest true global thinking. Indeed, I […]

Journey VI: Silicon Valley, CA, USA

Hi there, Returning to the US in late 2015 has been a decision of Germany vs. California with all the pros and cons. After all, I felt like I have to understand the Silicon Valley culture better and dig deeper into the city of San Francisco. After making use of all possible self-marketing channels in […]

Journey V: USA, CA

Journey V: USA | May 2014 – September 2014. San Francisco, California, USA. Accompanied by two big bad ass road trips including Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Santa Monica, Las Vegas, Mojave Desert, Sacramento, San Simeon, and Mother Nature in awesome: Yosemite National Park. Also I enjoyed a break with a fabulous Virgin America flight to […]