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absolutely stunning, wonderful, a polite mix of people, many architectural wonders. And cake. And coffee, so much coffee and oh, culture. My words will not come along uniquely describing Austria’s capital of Vienna.

A summer trip in COVID19 times that allowed for way fewer tourists in the city but also way more time with face masks. Even though Austria required them to be worn in public transport only. As the sun was on our side most of the time in June 2020, we could explore the city well. Vienna is a monument of history. It is a relatively relaxed and polite city, still, there is a lot of noise like honking. The city manages to be super open to the world coming in visiting its wonders, still, the Viennese strictly hold on to their traditions. I started mentioning coffee, it should have said Melange. And your cake kinda has to be accompanied by Schlagobers. They will ask you if you like it with Schlagobers. What the hell is Schlagobers is flying around your head!? Please read it here. Taking it real with the whipped!

So One travels. Travels to. Leaves after a while but felt the heartbeat of the very destination. Vienna is a must-travel-to city and thus to me, it really has potential. Great potential to even be considered the capital of the globe. OK, as a Global Thinker I am very unsure if there could ever be a global capital. But hey, Vienna. It has or will be a travel destination for all global or at least touristy people at some point. Opening up your brain and especially your spirits. And your mouth with a perfect Melange and Mozart Cake combo! Vienna is a star for travelers worldwide. It does not have to be as big or crazy or unsleepy as New York and the like. Because Vienna makes you richer in taste, with respect for history, in understanding fields like parks and people, cake and culture 😉 The range of impressive Roman architecture or cathedrals all the way over to outgoing areas like that “early Disneyland” Prater sum up the list of things to be done in town.
The ongoing pandemic with COVID 19 did not stop us, either. Flying with masks on all time was not enjoyable, but doable. Also, most people stick to the rules of distancing. In short, we felt super-safe at all times. I could hardly believe there is anything stopping a Global Thinker in exploring parts of our world. Go out and travel to meet new people and connect. To explore and enrich your experience and mind-set. Vienna is a capital to travel-to for sure. It is on the list and desirable for many. But there are other spots on the globe as well, so to decide on one could never be truly global thinking.

As always I’d like to recommend a restaurant which is surprisingly NOT a schnitzel location, but instead a Greek restaurant more known to the locals: ODYSSEUS as shown in the following picture. Of course, found in a building of impressive architecture it offers food of exceptional composition and quality.

And please ABSOLUTELY DO note that there is a suite named “Sirk” in the city’s most beautiful colonial “Hotel Bristol“. That rich address is located right opposite the opera in the city center. Proud to have checked that out, finally! It has been on my must-see-list for ages. Some strong Sirk heritage going back for more than a century and always in high class.

In case the weather is nice please get far east of town and explore the old wonderful Danube. Here you will get the chance to spend an hour or easily half-day on the water renting out a small boat; not many questions asked and much to explore on those riverbanks. Also, it is safe and family-friendly as the big ships do not cross here. Actually, the Danube is found four times within the city limits.

So yeah, go check out Vienna! Servus or to close off in my style: As it oftentimes comes with and in crazy ways, life can indeed be a

Stay strong – not only in the virus’ times. Have a great rest of the year my dear readers. That maze is found at Schloss Schönbrunn, and like everything in that gigantic and detail-loving park, it is worth being checked-out for days.
Best, Sirk

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