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[There is an UPDATE for the 2021 below]
Just returned from a short journey to the West of the US, right in these ongoing pandemic times. No pandemic can stop us global thinkers, can stop a truly global lifestyle. I flew into Los Angeles, road-tripping my way to Nevada for Las Vegas followed by a day-trip to Arizona and the Hoover Dam. Sadly there were no dam(n) tours available and of course wearing a mask aka mouth and nose cover is mandatory anyways plus we keep on practicing social distancing by 6 feet or 2 meters, still. Other than that, nothing new to incorporate into a global lifestyle during pandemic times. Well, prepare for additional forms and maybe harder visa obtaining processes should be mentioned, too. Or thinking about how a pandemic is in fact a global thing that affects us all.The journey was meant to prove that the global never stops, that we can still travel, that a lifestyle of prospering with global thinking is even enriched by flying over to other continents during critical times. A comparison of Europe or Germany to the US embodied by California, Nevada, and a bit of Arizona. Peeps in LA did superbly well, almost all were wearing their masks whenever leaving their home and practicing those six feet around them as good as they could. Las Vegas still sees the wild or drunk people and thus it is on oneself again to control and keep that distance. I encourage traveling even in pandemic times. But you wanna make sure to understand your physical situation and be aware of risks that actually come from other unknown people in your surroundings. I managed it as a permanent piece of mind and came back without the virus found on me. Back home in Germany, I was strictly sticking to the 5-day quarantine and was fine with it. The final test for Covid19 was also negative.

But wait, I shall start before I end up back home with the story and my thoughts on this journey! Germany is locked at home. All Germans? Not all of them. The global lifestyle has found its way into my blood years ago already, so I get myself out there. Cautious, prepared, but clearly with full power as only full power describes me.

Why? Because I wanna prove that travel is still possible, the brave will win is a mantra that I do like. Keep moving, keep improving is the only way, may it be locally or on that global level that I follow with heart, brain, and soul.
The pandemic forces us to stay at home and follow what the media tells us to do. Better wear those masks and train even all trainers on social distancing.  So how dare do I travel?  Yeah, to prove that you can keep a distance whilst erasing physical distances by crossing continents! To remind everyone on common knowledge or just everyone’s good judgment. The good judgment that I use with traveling, exploring, or just my favorite sport of mountain biking which I did near Simi Valley this time. Sadly and officially, also all gyms in the city were closed, so mountain biking it was for the first days. Well, later the hood knew better with one gym.

So, FRA to LAX, Frankfurt to Los Angeles international airports. Well, it is less busy at the airports, still, we wait longer as less staff seems to be around. The plane was really not that packed, so I experienced an extra distance to the next passenger. Sad for the airline, weird but hell yeah for sure relaxing for all of us flying during this pandemic of 2020 and I guess beyond. Soon airlines will offer social distancing as an option by blocking an entire row or so I am sure… Nah, please not. Ok, so adjusting to new times, the new normal becomes normal. And I am super excited this time. Flying in right for Halloween and the presidential election in November 2020. I hope it will not turn out the same as back in 2016. You can answer for yourself now as you surely heard about the results by now as well. AMERICA, United States it reads. United. Is the US still united? Are you willing to rise as one society again? The big country I am one of the very biggest fans and permanent residents of; could we outsiders be of any help? The election is not a win/loser thing, both sides need each other in a rightful balanced way. We need that RED and BLUE not only for the flag. I leave it with the following great pic from this house in Glendale:

Why exactly the path to LA, CA? I was on my way to meeting another global mind and an old friend of mine. I met him at work back in 2009 in Sydney, Australia. Read about the start of my true global path here. We had lots of the Los Angeles metropolitan area, Las Vegas, and the Hoover Dam from Arizona’s side on the agenda. Also it allowed us to speak about the pandemic, the election, the US and Americans, and how it all develops nowadays. It was a huge benefit to our global thinking having met on three continents and having opened up to reflect on things going on from very different angles.

So as always during evolution and humanity, one has to adjust to a new normal. Surviving to keep on going. Keep doing what we love to keep that love for the globe. The flight attendants did adjust already and seem to be fine with fewer people on the plane.

Life would be pointless without a quest. Mine has been excellent with that short journey in late 2020 and helped me to continue. I am on this global path for well over a decade by now and plan on more; distancing and masks included I guess from now on. Other than that all good for now. Don’t you think?

This journey analyzed aspects of global thinking and understanding of local to regional lifestyles. A pandemic requires all globe to adjust somehow. And it shows we all, no matter where from, where at home, why traveling, which goals set, have to deal with this now together. From rural plains to crazy busy downtown LA or Santa Monica. Los Angeles is oftentimes just the beach and Hollywood, a great part of the area, still, I loved the mountains more than ever and climbed for an hour after driving for two around the Angeles National Forest. That ended up in total silence with the exception of some big birds and offered spectacular views of both the city on the horizon and surrounding mountains.

As said the mountains surprised me most this time, as we all tend to associate LA or even most of California with the beaches. Even though there are way more mountains to be explored. Sadly the bush fires from earlier in 2020 had left their marks (yeah, marks and masks summarize this horrible year, I guess) on the forests and plants. It must have been terrible for the mountaineers to come back to this for the first time after the fires. I did not rain in Los Angeles since March, but at least with ‘winter’ approaching, there should be some rain in the forecast.
What I simply have to add is my half-day teenagehood dream come true: a visit to legendary WestCoastCustomz! Yeah, craziness in different ways, global exposure, mountain biking, and cars, in general, describe me somehow. WCC is a must for every car enthusiast and their showroom is simply brilliant. Also, I had the honor to meet the founder & owner Ryan Friedlinghaus (who refuses to be on non-commercial pics) for a quick holla and he then asked his employee Jose to guide me to his very personal and pimped Rolls-Royce on twenty-fours. Sadly they had no time to pimp my ride 😉

When in Las Vegas – do what you desire that has to stay in Las Vegas. I am not much of a gambler, also partying with too many people forgetting about the Covid rules could not really make it into my nights. I rather focussed on good restaurants with decent seating outside, just as with the evenings prior back in LA. Other than that – my recommendation for sightseeing would be the NEON Museum, a non for profit that collects all no longer in use old neon signs to display them in a wonderful light-on-some-old-metal tour. My logo is built from my alphabet pics there btw. 🙂 Sneak-peak some impressions here and think about how you can sparkle away in this blinky environment:

On the route from Vegas to LA *or vice versa, you can find a classic and wonderful 50ies diner offering authentic breakfast and dinner: Peggy Sue’s. During the pandemic take-out only, but such a wonderful diner as a relict from the 50ies and still going delicious! It is then not far to a small detour across the Mojave desert to experience some nature besides the highway. Of course, there are also lost places, also diners beside the road. Find that picture a bit below the one of Peggy Sue’s.

Self-expression is my way. Sometimes it is easy finding myself, sometimes I go through hard times dealing with somehow just myself. This trip became a journey as finally, I was arriving at MYSELF: I think differently. I entertain. I support. I engage. I travel and talk to everyone willing to entertain them. Smile. Communicate. Explore. Entertain further. This is my life.
I am not the “Average Joe”; I am Sirk..!!! Yeah, Sirk.
This path I am on is a path that I am just creating. Uniqueness helps, it also freaks me out – at least at home. I have no references, other than those that I have created myself. => What can you take from this? => What are your references to living global?

Global friendships, networks, experiences, work and degrees, love, willingness to jump around on this ball called earth are my references. Which still grow as they are well nursed. A picture still forming and growing. Everyone can grow with the right mind set and global experiences.

Let me uplift you. How did you feel reading this? Global exposure, self-expression in a global way. Positive. We all continue, for the better, of course! I am keen on hearing your feedback.

U P D A T E  FOR 2021:

Before headed to Mexico, I flew in for some days in Los Angeles again in October 2021.
My buddy is still living in town and we could meetup and share visits to cool parts of town like the newly redone Arts District and Los Feliz. Also, we found our way to Star Wars Land and also the Petersen Automotive Museum. If you’re a fan of Star Wars or Cars or even, like my buddy and me both, then hell freaking yeah those are 4sure a must on your bucket list.

Star Wars allows for a getway of this galaxy whilst remaining on our blue planet, but I was so impressed that I have created a seperate blog entry right here for you to explore.

Arts District

The Arts District features deep and thougtful paintings on walls and houses for everybody to explore. Many artists live in the area and also schools and events have found their way to this area. I recommend strolling around and grabbing a coffee or tea in one of the cafes nearby.

Los Feliz

Los Feliz is a different part of town that allows for shopping and eating-out. For example, looking for great to provoking t-shirts or grabbing excellent lunch predominantly in the American-Mexican cuisine. Also, it is just wonderful for people watching and experiencing LA in a relaxed, yet absolutely true and pure way.

The Petersen Automotive Museum

As a petrol head or car enthusiast it has become a duty thing to visit Petersen’s museum. It features many super-rare vehicles and impressive original movie or prototype or race cars. From more than hundred years and all manufacturers. The museum itself is worth it already, but spare more time if you really are impressed by cars and plan and pre-book a visit of their garage.

The garage of the Petersen Automotive Museum is indeed the basement of the impressive building, where many famous cars or wonderful cars or fantastic cars of famous people as well as some one-of-a-kind vehicles are parked and extremely well looked after. All cars are polished to absolute perfection what amazed me additionally.

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