Jump to Light Speed, this is STAR WARS Land as part of Disneyland in Anaheim, CA, USA

My blog is tagged with “Global Thinking, Global Lifestyle“. The blog might use to limit destinations and thoughts to our wonderful planet earth. Yet, global thinking means incorporating different lifestyles and cultures. Cultures were defined mostly by religion in history and yes, to many, being or following Jedi is a religion.
STAR WARS has fascinated millions including me and offers an exciting getaway into a galaxy far far away. I allow myself and my blog to incorporate this extraordinary destination on planet earth to be part of it. Like everything, what our mind can think of is doable at one point and can be created. It is my belief as well that great stories should always be experienced as pure as possible for the big picture and the important details.
Following are my pictures that all were taken on a Motorola 5G Plus in October 2021, have a look and enjoy and have fun scheduling your trip to this magical place on earth. A place every Star Wars fan will want to head to. A place that fascinates thousands from all over the world on a daily basis, no matter where all these people come from or how they look. What a destination, what a story!

BLUE Milk Coke Detonator Star Wars Land

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