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not much of a blog entry this time, too many thoughts still swirling around. But here are some pics from some days in New York with a slight focus on Brooklyn and some of the BronxBrewery plus updates on Manhattan. Covid19 has set its traces, but the city is going on, what else would it do. What once was the epicenter of the pandemic now is on the way back to the new normal.
New York is dealing well now with the pandemic und almost everybody is wearing masks when outside and most are very disciplined in the subway. “No Mask. No Service” is a new rule followed when shopping. I felt safe in the big apple once again. But I usually behave safe anways.

And as I provide restaurant tipps with most of my entries: WingBar, also found in Brooklyn for Chicken Wings, not more not less 4 sure 😉

Best, Sirk

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