Yeah, I did it again.

For more than a decade, I am by now celebrating annual visits to that big apple. It has become that one destination I feel the urge to constantly visit like some poeple tend to book the same holiday destination year by year. Thank god I manage to see so much more of the world than this city I am drawn to since almost twenty years. And thank god (or great people I know?) that I am welcomed here year by year and always get something nice out of all those trips.

Never thought of big apples around NYC, but always felt like being home to my world traveler’s soul here. To that one big dirty noisy hectic city that nurtures my soul. And that city that makes my smile, shop, dine, party, take pictures, watch people, talk to people, and still offers so much to explore! So as many said before, come here a couple of times, maybe live here for some time, but don’t get lost or have yourself ruined by this big apple thingy. Just enjoy this truly global city that seems less of a city that never sleeps, but offers it all for sure.

And maybe head for different parts of town like Sunset Park, Brooklyn  or  Far Rockaway, Queens and its awesome beaches.
Sirk off for now, I am about to relax into spring and take care of projects for a bit.
Soon back for more happy days!

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