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Back to the US for some trip. New Orleans, Louisiana, boie! I thought, I was cool to say N’awlins, but NOLA it is. When locals speak of their city they refer to it as NOLA. I flew in from my base airport Frankfurt via a stop-over in Charlotte and was surprised by the sheer beauty of this town in its own way.

Louisiana, New Orleans. Swamps, the Mississippi, The French Quarter, The Garden District, Mardi Gras, picturesque architecture and fantastic people are awaiting. I attended the wedding of a close American buddy and explored town and Louisiana Cajun swamps. A short yet intense and absolutely great trip.

A trip that should evoke strong memories. I could blog start that with every single entry of mine, yet for a rather short trip of just a week this one was packed and rich in wonderful memories. Nola and the lovely lively people here and the people I got to know better did provide for immense memories. Also, I will add right away my strong feelings of freedom felt in Louisiana. The most American -maybe critically subjective – feeling there is: Freedom. In simply walking around, shopping, dining, doing things and having drinks. And watching other people and oneself.

Nola is known mostly for Mardi Gras. We all saw pictures, I guess and felt the desire to party around The French Quarter. It is indeed a surprisingly French feeling, yet superb American in this town. I got gifted mt first Mardi Gras chain by a stranger, party on..!?

Southern vibes and food, classic southern architecture and all facing the Mississippi that is about to end in the gulf. And parades. No single week without like two parades in town.

The French Quarter or most of downtown offer a wide array of entertainment and drinking on the street as a normal thing. Which it is usually not in the US except maybe for wild locations like Las Vegas. Some roads remind me also of Disneyland and its Mainstreet, USA, some of the red lights in Amsterdam, some roads are just cool and simply stand out. Again, that mixture is something to soak in, to an extent;)

During my first night, I spontaneously walked to the river front and was not disappointed. The Mississippi flows just beautifully in a mostly natural way through town and makes a great scenery with the bridges and boats.

My second day brought me to the Swamps via a Swamp Boat Tours by this company. Nah, not that air thing you think you know from Florida. A classic swamp boat ride, chill, easy, but at the same superb level of adventure. Cajun! Alligators, racoons, spiders and snakes came out to greet me nicely, check the pics:

In town, do for sure walk around the Garden District. What beauty, what mansions; Southern vibes in excellence. Made me want to own property right here. Most mansions are well kept in shape and you can spot ongoing renovations here and there.

I combined the French Quarter with the French Markets and a Jazz Festival happening in and around the New Orleans Jazz Museum. NOLA only works if you combine it with Jazz. Or Dixie. Or St. Paddy’s. Or simply alcohol 😉

Jackson Square on the way back has been check marked, too. Just, I have to say that was simply too touristy there and on Saturdays there can be tons of weddings observed. I am happy for my American buddy Chris that he got married outside town at the old Nola Airport. Great venue and cool vibes with private planes taking off every now and then; Amelia Earhart used this airport back in her strong days of flying. A recommendation for late nights not happen to be a wedding, I will surely recommend this bar next to the Louis Armstrong Park: Rampart Treehouse (very last pic!). Its decorations are similar to a bar we explored in Mexico, found here. Drinking culture is NOLA culture, too, as mentioned before and worth mentioning now again! And at least here you will not encounter an alligator. Speaking of, never get into the water except for clean pools. Sharks in the sea, snakes and gators in all other waters.

Enjoy the pictures and check when you can check-out NOLA for yourself. Oh, the City Park is rarely mentioned in the usual internet recommendations, but much to see there as well like Museums, a sculpture park, an outdoor gym, and a Disc Golf course. Disc Golf is barely known in my home country Germany, but I experienced it first in Golden Gate Park in SF. Great fun and all you need for a start is some quality frisbee.

So there you have it, another wonderful part of this world described to the fullest I can give and disclose.

CU soon, Sirk

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