From late October to mid of November 2017 it was about time to explore the Eastcoast of the US again. It has been 8y since my last visit to the big apple, the excitement for the city of insomnia was big. And it did not disappoint – adventures, food, talks, impressions. A full load for the global thinker.

Since my last time in NYC, I lived in Shanghai for almost a year and thus have to say China’s big city is definitely sleepless as well and kinda dominates the world’s skyline landscape. Still, New York City vibes got me – its vital global feeling is still unique with all its different and sometimes unique flavors. Somehow it was easier to adapt to the constant noise and bustle of Shanghai than of New York. The pace of the city always stressed me a bit, even though it was part of what I enjoyed.

In order to keep my PR Card (“Green Card”) perfectly ‘running’, I am headed to the US at least twice per year for some weeks. After my semi-business trip to Detroit in May this year, this trip gave me the chance to explore the city and compare it with what I experienced with other metropolis on the planet.

Just to stroll around and let the eye find my way often leads to impressive results. All my evenings were booked with meetups with old friends, Hultians, and some networking. But my strolling led me to street art like Mr. Dog and Ms. Bunny Paparazzi here and a GAP store there that displayed a map of the US made from old GAP jeans! Got me thinking which animals would be chosen in other countries or if they ever would imitate a landmark build of old garment 😉

Instead of using the subway necessarily, I explored NY Waterway Ferries for a refreshing alternative. Brooklyn to Manhattan now seems a much nicer commute by boat than one expects. Plus it gets you views of Brooklyn Bridge other people don’t get to see. With open eyes is also best to run into street art, both big paintings or small decorations with a great meaning behind them. I was once again impressed by the quality of food, the service, and the mix of everything that creates all the vibrant feel to be in the city of the cities.

After my first week in New York, I moved northeast to New Haven, Connecticut. A good old friend of mine, Patrick, is now teaching German as a foreign language at the classy YALE University right in the center of that mid-sized town. An interesting nice town with the contrast of academics and very high unemployment rates. YALE is a world of its own and prospers with excellent studies, teachers and professors, New England style colleges and architecture and a library that impressed me massively. Please check the pictures for detail. The building is build of marble which actually lets sunshine through but filters out UV-A and -B rays that would damage the world-class books there. One of which is a Guttenberg bible. Also, which I guess is a must for all elite style universities, YALE features a massive gym, well sports complex, that allows for basically any sports and workout. Squash and Gym, Rowing Simulator and Olympic pools to name a few. But still, I remain happy with my choice for HULT as my school for the Masters. New Haven also features two world-class museums and is actually just two hours by train from Grand Central Station in NYC. New Haveners claim to have the best Pizza in the country and the twos we shared were indeed fantastic: Da Legna.

Following three days in New Haven were five nights in Orlando, Florida to finally have a summer break – in November 😉 But Florida did not disappoint and I went for the pools and parks, lakes and leisure, food and fun, spas and shops. An Asian-Fusion Takko place surprised me not only with the food at a fair price, but also impressive level of art just hanging on their walls. Takko Cheena is a true local spot and my recommendation for lunch or even dinner. Of course, Orlando contrasts with the academics of YALE and the vibes of NYC, but it adds the humid and sunny weather I do crave. Plus the city center offers interesting markets and good business chances as well.

Before headed back to Germany, I enjoyed another three nights and days in the big apple to meet a special Hultian and enjoy Bill Maher live in the Theater at Madison Square Garden. So how can the World Traveller and Global Thinker ever be complete without a once every now and then trip to the city? Not at all, you got it. Have a good rest of 2017, folks.




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