The worldwide headquarters of my current employer can be found in Detroit, Michigan, USA. As I work remotely thanks to the net nowadays, I am balancing my Europe and US presence. I know that many people think of Detroit like “that city is done”, “there is not much left” and “winter is endless”.Well, I assume it is pretty cold in winter as May this year 2017 was still chilly in mornings. Motor City – no one except me walks around here. Ok, in the inner city that is not true, but everywhere else. Detroit is working on public transit (in addition to the people mover) and has a beautiful refurbished city center today. I was very surprised from what I’ve heard and what I was allowed to experience.

Three nice stadiums downtown, a superb collection of bars and restaurants and a good bunch of people and that Sports and Cars are everythign spirit which was present all the way. The headquarters of GM is right next to the river which is also the border with Canada – let’s wave at them Canadians πŸ˜‰Hey by the way – I think it is inspiring fun to spot street art in that city. Much to discover which is def. worth exploring different parts of town. Another reason to come back πŸ™‚ And that is the perfect back-link to both global thinking and global lifestyle. Linking my homeregion with the US more and more. Zooming out of the one, Zoomin into the other is the concept that develops well and which is that one concept I can recommend to you with all global plans.

Also my employer took well care of me and even got me the chauffeur. Yeah, I am important now, you know, thx.

You can easily feel that the city does indeed not – NEVER – stop. It is some great portion of America which I enjoyed during my business trip in May.

Have a great summer, guys!!

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