Kicking-off 2017 in style with refreshing and improvable aspects from Malaysia and Singapore!

After Christmas and until mid of January this year I was investigating the country of Malaysia and added a trip for additional networking to Singapore.

Malaysia still is a second-world country outside Kuala Lumpur, but develops well and Asian-fast. I was mind-blown by the facts that Malays are laid back on the one side whilst super-eager with their business on the other and that the majority speaks English absolutely fluent. Tourism seems not to be their main focus as much other business is growing strong. IT Outsourcing and cloud solutions could surely be found hosted in this interesting country. My personal choice for integrated solutions is: G&A Group. The capital Kuala Lumpur is well-known and access is easy globally. It can deliver any experience that you might be seeking and actually is a great hub for Southeast Asia just like Singapore which is only an hour flight or 4,5h drive away as they share the island. In KL I actually recommend visiting this tower instead of PETRONAS Twin Towers even though they needa be on your picture list. There are a lot of hotels nearby with rooftop pools that allow for a view of the towers. Impiana seems to have a great price to value ratio whilst Platinum offers the most awesome pool.

After KL it was IPOH on the list as it is a good friend’s home town surrounded by mountains and the jungle/rainforest vegetation. The weather is warm and humid all year round and the city offers a bunch of great aspects: super-fresh fruit, I MEAN THAT. I had the freshest food of my life in that town. Quality. Fresh. Healthy. Also they love smoothies and I had booth Dragon fruit and Red Bean, haha. Really, a new tasty experience. Only for the food it is already worth the trip. Also, the city once was a British Empire colony and offers plenty of old buildings in old Old Town. I am unsure if I like the fact that they are not so well-maintained or that it provides for that real old style. Sadly it is only bit dirty here and there but that becomes part of the experience. The journey allowed for great insights and new contacts in the cloud industry as well as for the Bar life over there.Also recommend the Cameron Highlands for great views of the jungle. Monkeys always included 😉 The tea farms offer you their tea fresh and direct, worth it with all the humidity and clearly a healthy way to make sure you avoid dehydration.The airport of Ipoh is small but connects you well with Singapore which was next on the route after a short stop on Pangkor Island as well.

Singapore -or Singers as the Australian sometimes say- is and will always remain the number one clean business hub of the region. It was time to refresh old contacts and enjoy some wonderful days in the heat of Singapore. A recommendation is the PARKROYAL as it is affordable luxury in close proximity to Marina Bay etc. Our great night started at TIMBRE near The Arts House and provided great dinner and live music. For later the city provided plenty. Will see you soon again, Singers.

Have a great time exploring this beautiful world, everybody and thanks for reading.

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