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the island of Bali, Indonesia was my destination in December 2017 for a winter getaway and to meet a Hultian as always of course. Bali is basically on the equator and thus always very warm to hot and the sun is ready to burn your skin at any given time. Still, it is a beautiful, charming, relaxing to thrilling and most of all alternative getaway destination. The island is the only part of Indonesia with Hinduism being the major religious influence – besides tourism 😉Fun Fact: the island has its own active volcano and that was alarming everybody which is why tourism was low to about 40% of normal volume according to local business owners and my Hultian contact there. In short: I was lucky with non over-crowded places everywhere but desperate people relying on tourists which is the clear majority of the island. Interesting to see how mother nature still rules us humans. But I got lucky and nothing happened and I hope the volcano will remain still.Bali is and will always be a very exotic and long-haul destination for people from Europe or America. For Australians, though, it is the kinda near-by getaway party island. This is why you should not expect dream beaches with only few beaches but indeed a more party and -I said- it tourism feel. Nonetheless the water is very nice and there are plenty of beaches that their island offers with chances for both a sunrise and a sunset by the beach. For sunset, I highly recommend 707 Beachberm for a Bintang beer of two to celebrate sunset and get ready for the night or simply reflect on your day or life.The two highlights for me are the food which was among the freshest and maybe healthiest I have ever eaten and the relaxing and almost isolated rainforest experience in Ubud towards the center of the island. If you want to escape with your mind to calming luxury I highly recommend Cloud Nine Estate. It is a secret getaway and among the world’s leading hotels – hotel in the reality of four villas right in the rainforest with spectacular views.

For food, there is a lot to worth mentioning. So I will highlight these:

The last two also explain the pricing levels that exist on the island: super-cheap, cheap, and almost NYC-pricey like that bar on the rocks for drinks on the rocks. Rocks underwater combined with so many fishy fishy and a beautiful coral reef that reminded me on Australia can be experienced snorkeling or diving on the shore of the island Nusa Penida. It was great fun and gave me some nature chills.

For Ubud, I recommend to explore on your own 🙂 and experience the contrast of that inner Bali small town to its coastline craziness. Temples and arts & crafts is all I mention here.

Have a great new year 2018 with many trips or journeys to beautiful and interesting places.
I will keep you posted with more adventures to come. Best, Sirk.de

PS: Remember me working for WhatsApp in the Silicon Valley?! Shared this food tip with them;)

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