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my favorite sport has to be mountain biking. Since 25 years I am riding full suspension bikes and this special blog entry is about riding fantastic, thrilling and  crazy trails in the region of Vinschgau and the nearby Garda lake (Lago di Garda). Northern Italy comes with what you expect, great wines and excellent

pizza. But also German as still predominantly spoken language nearby the Austrian border in the area of Vinschgau. Around the lago di Garda everything is way more Italian, but still an international mixture of that region just south of the Alps and its wonderful spots for riding or wintersports.

From a Global Perspective you get to experience a region that prospers on the internationalk mixture of Austrian, German, and Italian culture. With just that little bit of extra to be labelled a Tiroler extra, with its very unique language that mostly is -kinda- German and a laid back but also work-conscious approach to life. Alm/farm-life and agriculture, fruit farming that is mostly for the people living there. But tourism is on the rise and bikers are found to be a great resource. That is also the reason that most trails are well-posted in signs and on maps and you get to see some other riders on demanding trails descending from above the 2.000 m altitude. Experiencing the mountains on a bike, speaking of climbing up continious ramps on rough surfaces and checking various downhills like “4 gewinnt 13” or the “Propain-trail“. The trails offer steep descends, loose gravel, tough roots and small jumps here and there that my boys and me enjoyed every day. I highly recommend a full-suspension with strong brakes. In lack of bike parts – do not worry, around Lago di Gardo it is no problem at all finding almost evrything and also in Vinschgau there are solid bike shops.

I leave it for now with all those impressions. The lower pictures are from Monte Baldo, one of the highest mountains around the Garda lake. I will come back with more global blog stuff later this year or in early 2019. Best, Sirk Mountains around Lago di Garda


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