1) Drinking a bottle of Finnish Vodka with Russians in an Irish Pub in California


2) Shocking a Malaysian friend with a German schnitzel size at Paulaner Pudong, Shanghai


3) Watching the final of the Football WorldCup 2014 with people from all over the world in the US and not noticing anything going on in the streets


4) Listening to strangers in the subway what they are talking about my home country


5) Loving a girl from a country far away in a third and even crazier country


6) Going out with a bunch of people from 4 different continents on the 5th


7) Wearing outfits composed of pieces from all over the world like a Sydney logo shirt made in China worn by a German in San Francisco


8) Ending up in a group of awesome expats on the way to the crazy party of a local


I took the header picture for this blog entry on a cloudy day in SF’s Tenderloin district. Its a piece of art with a 3D-look on a building there.


Accompanying VIDEO here or on YouTube


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