Spring Break 2014 – Journey IV: Hong Kong. Or China modified by the Brits with all the pros and cons. A week for job interviews, a visit to the international Hong Kong Open Source Conference, daytrips with friends, and two awesome days for me mountain biking. Hong Kong is getting closer to China and it does it also very fast as more rich Chinese take over the island and Kowloon. It is well connected to Chinas rail system and begins to suffer from Chinese air pollution. I perceived it as a spot for banking and technology sectors.Skyline_HKStill, the business opportunities are big but you are in a red ocean for sure. Cost of living is just extreme when it comes to housing and on one level with San Francisco, Tokyo, or London. The cultural mix is strong and it is fun to see that “Westerners/ Whites” are perceived as the old people from the old world. Of course, you meet tons of expats in HK. I luv the region and coming from Shanghai that time I can say its ideal, as it shows you where Shanghai needs to go and will maybe go to in some years time. HK offers western standards, but is the Asian mega hub! The subway system is among the best of the world, so is the airport. But HK is crowded and limited in its geographical boundaries. I consider the city a place to work for sure and to live, if you can afford it.10ThousandBuddhasHighlightVisit the 10,000 Buddha’s to have a nice touch and feel of Buddhism. And have a lunch in a waterfront restaurant before you rush back to your business. HK is a great mix of work and adventure, good food and party. Despite being so crowded it is safe enough if you are an experienced world traveler.WorldInternetDeveloperSummitBikingBambooSunsetBikingHong Kong is a very nice sport for mountainbiking, too. Just as you can see on the two pics above. I recommend to go on a guided tour with these guys.

!!! At the date of publishing this post in early October 2014, Hong Kong is seeing heaviest protests by its students and citizen that demonstrate their protest with Beijing’s decision to basically control the next election. It is a friendly demonstration -at least from the side of the demonstrators- that ideally shows and proves Hong Kong’s current situation and level of education in the population.

What happens in HK will soon happen in Shanghai, Beijing and Hangzhou and Chengdu. Of course the administration is alarmed, but be warned: Hong Kong is well connected with the outside world. And here I go and remind you of a global thinking: Share current happenings, discuss it with friends from or in that region of Hong Kong. Do not rely solely on the media news feed.

I hope HK will soon see improvements and correct developments. It deserves it as well as mainland China. PAHRDEYNightAdImpressionKungFuFighting ColonialStyle VillageOf1930 IMAG2719 HK_Pier

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